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School wall painting

關於明德 / 2018-10-25 / 人氣: 636

School wall painting

Have you noticed? After the summer vacation, the appearance of the big wall facing the sports field has gone from “black and white” to chromatic, and the composition becomes more modern. This painting is four levels high, and is pieced together of Mosaic ceramic tiles. The process of manufacturing is not simple at all.

The theme of this painting is “Image – Mingde.” It shows that the Mingde family is a happy ground full of activity, exploration, and respect, and it also distributes the inner spirit of Mingde elementary school. From now on, this painting will accompany the children while they are reading and playing. Hopefully all the Children will love it and cherish it.

It is difficult to express spiritual meanings with concrete pictures. The method of “divide and merge” of Cubism is used to create the painting. Therefore, what we see is a picture of half -abstract things. In the picture, we can see that the main character is a small tree that’s blossoming with a bright color flower. In the middle of the flower is the school emblem of Mingde, as bright as a torch. It shows the idea that Mingde will always be spreading light and heat, shining upon the land, warming the place, and warming the hearts of the students and of the teachers of Mingde elementary school. Next, we can see the branches of the tree, with some white and small bubbles which seem to be flowing up and down inside the branches, symbolizing the good communication and interaction between students and teachers, and the vitality shown by both the students and the teachers together. Around the school emblem we see the letter “e” surrounding, which stands for the lovely children of the “e-generation”, and the stroke of the letter “e” stretches like a wide and open road in front of our eyes. It symbolizes and blesses that the children of Mingde are on a broad road, with a bright future in front of them.

In abstract painting, color is the most important element when expressing the emotions. Although there isn’t an actual image, we can sense it. First, we can see the bright colors used in this painting, just like showered by the light of the warming sun. The twinkling blue color blocks, a bit and a bit, just like the drizzle. After being showered by the rain, we continuously grow and become stronger. The multi-layered brown, represents the thick and solid ground. And the abundantly green grass field shows the flourishing vigor of the land. And a couple of flowers in the front make the entire green land even more colorful. There’s also a rolling ball on the green land, which animates the picture. In the middle of the painting, there’s an obscure bridge, showing that the children can live without obstacles, go through the difficulties, and go on with no fears. The varying colors symbolize that children can develop multiple intelligences and perform very well in this school.

This painting is designed for all the teachers and students of Mingde elementary school; there is hope, and there is blessing. I hope that when seeing it, everyone can be influenced by its brightness and warmth. May Mingde improve every single day.

Today we are proud of Mingde; tomorrow Mingde is proud of us.